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21 April 2013

Frame shaping continues.

This was a trimming and tweaking session. Earlier in the week I had spent some time looking at the frame, trying to work out what should stay and what should go from the initial (rather generous) frame cut. I marked out my thoughts with pencil and today I started trimming.
In some places I took off about 6mm, and in others it was just enough to get all four layers to match exactly.
There was lots to do with the jig saw, and I used an angle grinder with a car paint stripping disc to do some edge rounding. But both of those tools while quick are a bit heavy handed. They leave little bumps and irregularities that are best fixed with hand tools. I started a bit if hand tool work, but that will mostly start in ernest in the next session. So the power tools are quick but it is vital to remember to leave a little extra to alow for the refining with the hand tools, which does inevitably take more off the frame.


It is good to see the shape coming together now. I am always guessing how much to take off, as once gone it can't go back. I want this bike to be lighter, but it also needs to be strong enough. The first plycycle was strong, but a touch on the heavy side, so I am trying to improve on it. Only time will tell.


This clip shows what I have described above in more detail.