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22 April 2014

The bottom bracket hole.

I set up my little pillar drill and cut the hole that will eventually take the bottom bracket. Making these cuts are nerve wracking as there is no going back, mess this up and essentially I have to start over. Most of the things I have to do from now on are the same but it is all part of the fun. Luckily I have learnt to think it through and test as much as I can before actually going for it.


Take a peek at this vid for a closer look.

Apart from the big bottom bracket hole, I started sanding away the excess resin that leaks out in the laminating process (there are some shots of it in the vid) and are generally just a pain. The dificulty is that over zealous sanding eats away at the intended shape of the frame, so again as above there is no going back from a mistake. it is good to to though because the frame starts to look better with every step now.

The next job is for me to prepare the metal parts for brazing, then the build can enter its final stage.