Have a look at the original Plycycle here .

12 April 2013

Digital design.

I had a go at knocking up the old Plycycle in Google sketch up, with a view to useing it as a tool to push the design of Mk2 in the digital world, but to be honest I was fighting a loosing battle.
I think that the best way forward is as with the first project, just get into the garage and make the thing.
In the past, I have often had the oppotunity to learn computer animation, but it just never sat very well with me and I have always felt more at home working in the physical stop motion world, where things are made and you can touch them. I do like the digital design world, and I do use it alot, but with other people driving the computers. I think I will leave it that way for a bit longer.

Any way here is a little animation of what I did build in Sketchup.
So I failed to move the design on digitaly, but I did have more sucsess (as seen in the last post) with a sheet of card board.