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20 June 2013

Rear stay bonding.

Having spent a while getting the shape of the rear stays how I needed them, and then a delay getting the epoxy, it was great to finally bond a set together.

As I mixed the epoxy up the process came flooding back to me, wetting up, micing the microfibers and then clamping together.

It was quite warm last night so the pot life of the resin was going to be short, so I worked as speedily as I could. It is a fine line between getting it all done before the resin goes off and going so fast that mistakes are made. I think I got it right, just as I finished the mix was setting.
I am using West System Epoxy as shown in the previous post.

I need more clamps really.

Scrap wood to spread the load.

The rear stay blocks will start as five layers of 9mm ply, but i have only laminated four at the moment. This block will be for the bottom rear stay and it needs a grove cut into it to take the bottom bracket reinforcments. Last time I had to retro cut this into the already shaped stay and it wasnt easy, so a lesson learnt, I will cut the grove in this block then laminate the final layer to cover the cut.

Just enough pressure to get good contact with the resin.
Once the resin is all set I can start the proper carving and shaping.