Have a look at the original Plycycle here .

7 April 2013

Cutting the main frame shapes.

Just getting on with it is often the main problem on a project like this, so I grabbed the opportunity to get started today.

I adapted the frame shape using the original cardboard template from Plycycle, I added extra around the bottom bracket area, and I am going to try a wooden seat post structure this time too. So with those additions I cut out four shapes from the template.

Last time I used dowel to hold the elements together, but this time I have used some bolts, the dowel was tricky to get out of the finished frame without damaging it last time.

That was a solid two hours work, including the thinking, prep and cutting of the main frame elements from the template.

The cardboard template on the fresh sheet of plywood, ready to be cut.

The four frame elements all bolted together.

It feels great to get it started!