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2 June 2014

Tacking the wheel hangers.

While I wait for my old pal Lou to braze on the stress plates to the head tube and the bottom bracket I thought I should turn my attention to truing up the rear wheel.

This is the bit where I put all the rear stays onto the frame, fit the metal wheel hangers and their connection sleeves and see if all my guestimates have worked out. I am pleased to say that they were quite close. I did have to trim down and shave off some extra wood on the rear stays. But I would much prefer that than be short and have to start again.

So with the wheel fitted ( I intend using the wheels on my existing bike, an Alfine 8 speed ) I found that it all lined up. A true result and quite a relief!

The rear wheel fitting.

All lined up.

As it all fitted I thought I had better tack the pieces together with some deadly super epoxy. I did this last time and it worked well. It allows me to set the bit in the correct place and then the assembly can come apart and the metal pieces will stay in alignment ready for brazing. Then once brazed it should all go back together perfectly. The small amounts of resin will be burnt off in the brazing process.

Rear wheel hangers tacked together for brazing.

I had played with the idea of gluing these parts with a weld replacement resin. However without the time or experience to test this concept properly on what is a vital structural component I decided to leave it to another time.