Have a look at the original Plycycle here .

6 January 2016

I made a mistake...

I will get it off my chest right now.
The Plycycle Mk2 has not been a great success. The Mk1 is great and I still ride it. But the Mk 2 has issues.
The geometry is a mess, the head tube is at a far to steep an angle making the steering super twitchy. and I got greedy thinning down the frame and as a result it is super flexible. So flexible along the top tube that it is not nice to ride. Both of these issues are fixable.

The steering could be fixed with different forks and stem to the handle bars.

The frame can have a section cut away then replaced with a cross grain section of reinforcement.

However i am inclined just to park the project and move on.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and I have one great, working wooden framed bike. I am happy to leave it at that..... for the moment any way.