Have a look at the original Plycycle here .

28 November 2013

Some lovely bits arrived.

A very strange looking parcel arrived in the shape of a blunderbuss.

However it was the Ceeway parts delivery.

Lots if lovely metal bits for the build.

The long tube is the shortest length I could buy the 22m diameter 0.9 chromoly in. I will make the sleeves to connect the wooden stays to the rear drop outs. 
So now I just need to get busy bringing it all together.

22 November 2013

Resurrecting the build.

I had intended to make most of the frame by the end of the summer, however, real life (family, work, money) got in the way and I have had to endure seeing the project sitting idle in my garage  as I get on the Plycycle Mk1 and ride to work each day. However, I have got the wind in my sails again and work on the Plycycle Mk2 continues!

Where I left the frame was cut out with some very basic shaping and also some basic shaping of the rear stays. However they were all still separate bits.

So to move things forward i decided that I needed to see the frame come together. To do this I needed to cut out the receiving shape for the bottom stay. I had originally intended for this to be a simple 90 degree cut into the main frame, however when I came to cut it I realized that there was enough material to make a slot. So I carefully cut the slot and i think that with some shaping it will not only add a bit of extra strength, but will look really good too. this is another example of the organic nature of my design build process.

Plycycle Mk2 frame cobbled together for the first time.

Bottom stay junction.

rear stay wheel space.

I am pleased that all of the measurements worked out so far. The curved shapes of the rear stays seem to work out too, which is great as they were hit and miss with several attempts. I have ordered the metal pieces from Ceeway hopefully they will arrive soon and that will be a focus for the next stage.

A look at the cobbled together frame.

An extra problem is that with the onset of winter doing any resin work becomes tricky as it doesnt like the cold, it takes an age to go off. I am looking into some heated workshop options, but in reality the resin work may have to wait until the spring.