Have a look at the original Plycycle here .

21 September 2015


As I worked hard to get the wooden parts of the frame done, I lost sight of the metal work and in the course of sanding shaping and varnishing I bashed the metal bits and as a result there were a couple of big paint chips. This was a real shame as I had gone to great lengths to paint everything carefully before fitting to avoid painting once fitted. However I did end up having to.

Grinding of the old paint.

As much of the old paint had to come off as possible. If you have ever tried spraying on top of existing paint it never goes well. I tested a bit and sure enough it went like crazy paving. i think it is because the chemicals in the paint below absorb the fresh paint and cause it to shrink. Anyhow, back to bare metal is always best.
Fresh primer, fresh paint, and fresh lacquer.

Plycycle with fresh paint and head tube sticker all lacquered in.

I carefully masked the frame with expensive masking tape around the details and covered the rest in old newspaper. over a couple of warm days I got all the spraying and inter coat sanding done. I was super pleased to get it all on one week.

Rear drop outs all masked and painted.

Bottom bracket masked, and unmasked one painted.

Taking off the masking was nerve racking but fun. It revealed that I had completely missed a few spots, but they will clean up no problem.

Vid of taking the masking off after painting.

i am pleased with the way the painting worked out, it was worth doing.