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27 April 2015

Varnish-first coat.

It seemed like a long way off for ages and now it is here it is a very exciting time in the project. Like many other stages this is a point of no return.
First coat of varnish. This first coat is thinned down 20% with thinners as a wetting/preparation coat. It may lift the wood grain in places, so it will need a good chack then light sanding before the final four coats go on.
I have chosen the same varnish as last time. It is a yacht deck varnish by Hemple. I chose it for its UV stability combined with strength and flexibility.
Having used it on the Plycycle Mk1 I am very happy with it. I like the high lacquer slightly orange finish it gives. It is not every bodies cup of tea, but I love it.

 First varnish coat going on.

You can see from the pictures how much the varnish brings out the shape and contours of the ply. This really changes the way the frame looks, for the better. It clearly looks wooden once the varnish is on.

Varnish first coat.

I just have to be patient now and varnish the frame carefully with out rushing, on days when the weather will be warm enough for it to cure properly.