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1 September 2014

Head tube fitting.

Getting the metal work to interface with the main plywood frame is critical and the latest step has been to get the head tube to fit. I had left the frame extra long at the front to allow me to change the fork angle. I offered up the forks with the wheel fitted and drew on the angle line I liked then simply cut the line with a chop saw. This gave me a good clean and true ninety degree cut.
Getting the correct curve inside the frame is tricky and I made a bit of a mess of it on the first Plycycle project where I tried to drill out the hole then cut it in half. This time I took a more measured and staged approach. First I  used a router to cut away the inside to a 'V' shape, then used a small one inch drum sander on my drill to get the curve. A rasp ironed out any lumps and bumps. It will need a bit of refining which I will do using a spare bit of head tube with sand paper wrapped around it which should create a tight fit.

Head tube first fit.

Head tube fit video.

However as I was working on the head tube I dropped it and put several large dents in the paint work which means I will have to rub it down and start again. It is not a big problem, more of a nuisance.