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19 August 2014

Spray paint.

I took the opportunity to use the spray booth in the model shop at work to spray the head tube and bottom bracket. It has been a while since I had to do any proper spray painting and I didnt want to have to rub it down and start again because of drips. The lots of light layers on a solid primer is always the best way forward. The paint went on well. I then rubbed it down to prepare it for the lacquer. The lacquer needed a slightly heavier hand in order to create the smooth caot. My first tentative pass left a dinlpled finish. One of the model makers gave me some advice and I took it. More spray. Luckily it was still wet at this point and it took well. It is a fine line between having enough lacquer to get the smooth coat and too much a nd causing drips.

Luckily I got it right first time. Next stage is to get the head tube reamed and faced to fit the head set.