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6 March 2014

Rear stay rough assembly.

Over the winter I have managed to get some time to tinkering done on various bits and pieces on the frame. Mostly it was tidying up details and making joins more accurate.

Rear drop outs rough assembly.

 The biggest step forward has been the shaping and fitting of the metal work to connect the rear stays to the drop outs.
I am doing it loosely at the moment to get the fitting. I will then spot bond the metal work in place with an epoxy ready for braising. I have to be sure of the fit as I don't really want to have to remake the metal parts, so it is has to work first time. This system worked well on the Plycycle Mk1 so I think it should be fine this time too.
Incidentally I bought the drop out ready made and raw tubing from Ceeway.