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19 March 2014

Gluing the frame part one.

There was a window of warmer weather last weekend which allowed me to do the first epoxy resin work on the frame this year. I glued the left hand quarters of the frame together.... making a half. A small but significant step.
I Mixed up the West System epoxy, 'wetted' up the two sides and then spread on the resin with microfibers for the main bond. All god so far. it was only when i cane to clamp it all together that i remembered that last time I had to borrow extra g-clamps. I had forgotten to do this so I had to improvise. I used what clamps I did have to hold the main sections and then to clamp the remaining areas I placed the frame on some wooden blocks and then used some heavy engineering bricks from my back garden to apply pressure. it wasn't quite enough so I put a tool box on top of the bricks.

Make shift clamping in action.

I am pleased to say that it worked. The bond is good. however I will be borrowing more clamps as it really is much easier that way.